Since initial formation in 1996, BiO-2, Inc. has developed a number of products, all of which share the Company’s BiO-2® core technology but differ in their targeted markets and distribution channels.

Skin Care
The company developed several gels & moisturizers based on its proprietary BiO-2® process as a topical therapeutic agent for skin surfaces that can benefit from increased oxygen absorption. Oxygen plays a vital role in your skin’s health and is an essential ingredient for the preservation of your skin’s cells. Oxygen assists with the production of collagen, elastin, skin repair and regeneration. Oxygen also plays a vital role in many other functions necessary for healthy-looking skin.

Bio-2 Advanced Skin Care Products are exclusively developed to help skin perform its natural functions:

- revitalisation
- nutrition
- hydration
- oxygenation
- protection

All skin care products are a combination of BiO-2® and all-natural ingredients.


The company has developed a carbohydrate/electrolyte sports drink with the additional benefit of a measurable ability to increase blood oxygen levels. We believe the known benefits of hydration/re-hydration with carbohydrate/electrolyte drinks, coupled with increased oxygen absorption of  BiO-2®, will significantly increase athletic performance and endurance.

BiO-2®, as unflavored water, is an outstanding water product. In short, nothing has been added, and it has a clean refreshing taste. Not only does BiO-2® hydrate, but it measurably delivers extra oxygen to the bloodstream.

Other applications and products are currently being developed and considered.